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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The colour yellow shouts the loudest!

Our brains read yellow before any other colour.

Yellow is used as a warning and an alarm colour and it invokes a sense of optimism.

Because yellow is the colour of the sun, it energises us and represents warmth. Yellow also feels like friendship and causes moods in us such as happiness and friendliness.

Because we associate yellow with socialisation it is a great colour to use in environments that require communication. If you are creating a meeting space, a mediation space or a space for debate and discussion, yellow is a great colour to inspire communication.

Yellow is a great colour to use to get peoples attention. If you need your product or brand to stand out use yellow.

Yellow is not a good colour to be used in quiet spaces such as libraries, examination rooms, study halls and chill zones because it will evoke the opposite to the desired effect.

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