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Feeling Blue?

If you're considering your office interior colour scheme and the choices you should make in order to create the right environment, then follow this series on colour psychology; we'll guide you the rough the various effects created by colour choices.

"Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond."

Yves Klein

Which colours are best for focus areas?

Studies have shown us that colours that are on the low-wavelength spectrum, such as blues, tend to evoke a sense of order and calm in the human brain.

Blues are said to be calming and inspiring because they remind us of the freshness of nature and wide-open spaces; think of the ocean & clear blue skies etc.

If you want to create a workspace that inspires focus and productivity, introduce a blue palette. Keep the environment bright and well lit, fresh, and cool, tidy, and organised and you will have the ideal ‘work-hard, work efficiently’ environment.

Businesses that want to inspire a sense of stability, reliability, strength, security, and serenity use blue in their branding. This makes blue a great colour to represent financial institutions, security companies and travel companies.


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