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Seeing Red?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The colour red causes a mental reaction in us that inspires action and confidence.

We associate red with love, passion, energy, and strength. No wonder we are inspired to act when we see the colour red. Red is responsible for creating moods such as excitement, anger and lust. It really is an action colour. Red spectrum colours are some of the first that our brain registers, second only to the yellow spectrum.

If you want to get peoples attention use the colour red.

If you are creating an interior space that is required to get people moving and energised, red is a great colour choice. For that reason, red works well in spaces such as gyms, sales environments, reduction lines or anywhere that you want to keep people motivated and moving.

Be warned though, red is NOT a good colour for environments that need to make people feel calm and safe. Hospitals, care homes, customer service centres and spas should not use the colour red as a predominant colour.

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