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What to expect from downsizing

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Are you considering creating a smaller office?

Read our BLOG-SNIPPET on what to expect.

  • Reduced size of your office space means a lower rental cost.

  • Less space occupied equals fewer operating costs (fewer people, less equipment therefore less electricity, less cleaning costs, less consumable costs etc.)

  • A smaller footprint and needing less resources have many benefits for the earth, a bonus for the eco conscious business.

  • Office facilities, when designed properly, can become multi-functional, giving you the most out of your space. No space is underutilized, therefore maximizing on cost saving.

  • A good cleanup is required; paper and filing must be archived and disposed of to reduce the amount of storage that is required. This is an inconvenience but also a great benefit!

Want to know more? Read our full blog: THE downsized OFFICE. What to expect.

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