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What changes do you need to make for downsizing your office?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Are you considering creating a smaller office?

Read our BLOG-SNIPPET on what changes are needed in order to facilitate this.

Downsizing forces change. Some changes that might be required to free up some space are:

  • Companies may be forced to consider a proper move towards the paperless environment. This means that an investment in technology might be required.

  • Automation of some business systems will assist with freeing up resources. Automation requires technology and this can come with a price.

  • Behavioral changes will be required of staff; how we engage and use our space is required to change when we are faced with sacrificing a dedicated desk or an enclosed/cellular office. Stepping into a phone booth for privacy or taking a walk for a private call, eating lunch at a dedicated breakaway zone instead of at our desks, sharing a print station with the entire team, sharing storage, being mindful of a strict meeting room booking system.

These are just some of the possible changes we might need to make when moving to a downsized application of space.

Want to know more? Read our full blog: THE downsized OFFICE. What to expect.

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